About Us

Lancaster Machine & Tool incorporated in 1995 in Lancaster, Wisconsin. Since then, we have grown steadily by providing quality automated machinery, products, and services, in addition to outstanding customer service. In 1999, the company expanded and moved to a new building located in the Industrial Park in Lancaster, Wisconsin. Expansion again occurred in 2007, 2011 and 2014

Our Mission

By providing our customers with quality machined products and services, Lancaster Machine & Tool in turn provides our customers with high quality products, excellent extended tool life, a significant reduction in down-time, and improved machine reliability.

Our Capabilities

We have the experience to move our customer's automation projects from concept to design to fabrication to installation. We have completed applications from small stand-alone machines to complex fully automated production lines.

Our customers have presented us with some unique automation system integration challenges and we have designed the equipment to solve those specific needs. We have the design and engineering expertise, the automation technology and the machining services to go beyond the basics to build a better product for our customers. (Read more about our capabilities.)

Our Process

At Lancaster Machine and Tool, when you come to us with a project idea, our first step is to evaluate your current operation for speed, quality, and other process results.

Then we will listen to your project goals and work with you to establish your project requirements to get the results you need.

Our engineering team will present options to you. Then a fixed bid is put into place which includes the evaluation of the prototype and a report of our findings.

Prototypes are tested and analyzed to determine if the necessary results will be met, including up-time, through-put rates, and quality control.

As the project moves into the build phase, our experienced and highly skilled assembly technicians work with the engineers who designed the project for the best quality results.

Customer Service & Support

At Lancaster Machine and Tool, we can provide immediate support for your automation, tooling and precision machining questions. Our most technically competent and experienced person will help provide the support required to quickly investigate and solve the problem.

Contact our office in Lancaster, Wisconsin, at 608-723-7467 (Central Time) for more information about any of our Automation Technology, Machining Capabilities and Design & Engineering Services.